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"You're Gonna Miss It All" out Feb. 11th on Run For Cover Records!

POZ Exclusive: Sorority Noise - Forgettable



PropertyOfZack is very excited to announce that our friends in Sorority Noise will be releasing Forgettable on May 13th. The debut full-length will come out in the US jointly via Evan Weiss’ Storm Chasers and Derrick Shanholtzer’s Broken World Media in addition to a European release from Dog Knight Productions.

We’re taking the wraps off of the artwork and track listing today in addition to streaming a brand new track called “Rory Shield.” Listen and check out all the details below!

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Today some of our favorite boys in the whole world, Sorority Noise ,announced a new record (that kicks serious butt) check out their first single at PropertyOfZack!!#whatapromopic 

March Sadness: Emo 8 Announcement + Voting Begins



We are two full weeks into March Sadness with excellent vote-in and Sad 16 rounds. Some Sad 16 match-ups were blowouts and some were close calls, which is all the more reason to be stoked for the start of the Emo 8.

The 8 bands voted through the Sad 16 round of March Sadness are now pitted against each other in their 90’s, 00’s, Reunion, and Revival emo brackets. Head below and join us in voting for a band in each emo bracket through Sunday evening, and the Forlorn 4 will launch on next Monday! 

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Emo 8!

Ryan and Justin

—Big Snackers - Episode 20


Welcome to Episode 20! This week we talk about Ryan’s excursion to City BBQ, we answer your questions about jealousy of artists, favorite albums this year and what it takes to flirt with ladies, Brendan Lukens of Modern Baseball drops by for a long while to answer your questions about his favorite tv shows, why he writes his songs when he could be writing a little girl’s blog, video games and then we get weird with some Ryan and Justin stories. Enjoy and rate us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook! See ya next week for a double episode!

Buy the new Modern Baseball album “You’re Gonna Miss it All”, it pretty well fucking rules!

Ryan and Justin’s musical projects

One of the coolest things I have ever been apart of; check out the Big Snackers podcast its so so good

  • I can see it now, my kid listening to Modern Baseball in 20 years.
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